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  • The RADAR Competition devoted to memory of Wacław Laskowski SP5JPB is organised to provide a low cost solution of home made TRX dedicated for a young amateur.

  • Competition is organised by the Radioreaktywacja team together with fellow friends

  • Competition is open for all designers or designing teams from Poland or abroad, who will provide project of the transceiver together with required documentation at the deadline of the first stage.

1. Competition requirements

A . Parameters

  • Modes : Phone (SSB) – obligatory, telegraphy (CW) - optional
  • High resistance for antenna load mismatch (High SWR)
  • Functions : Tuning (variable frequency change), SPLIT mode, RF gain, frequency display.
  • Transmit function limited for an amateur band only.
  • Reverse DC power supply polarity connection protection
  • Power output : approx 20W
  • Bands : Amateur 14Mhz (optional addition 7Mhz)
  • DC power supply 10,5 – 14 V

B. Documentation

  • All of the project elements : transceiver with all additional modules, full documentation and software are covered by the lifetime licence CC BY-SARR. Where RR means that it is obligation to put Radioreaktywacja logo on documentation and on the transceiver.
  • Software is additionally covered by lifetime GNU GPL licence.
  • Designer or designing team are oblige to sent written statement that they agree to follow the license conditions mentioned above. (read also p. 9)
  • Documentation and components selection have to be ready for automated serial
  • SMD production.
  • If tuning and other adjustments are required during the production, appropriate detailed procedures have to be put into documentation 
  • Documentation needs to have all the expenses listed (prices of parts, enclosure, PCB and etc.)

C. Additional comments

  • Device have to be built using components currently available on the market. Usage of discontinued, surplus or sample components is not allowed. 
  • Project have to fulfill technical requirements therefore it does not have to be highly innovative or designed to obey well known circuit solutions.

D. Costs

Final cost of the transceiver have to be equal or less than 500 PLN Gross (90 GBP or 116 EURO) that is for PCB, components and enclosure. Antenna, power supply, headphones, microphone, cw key and all additional elements are excluded from the billing.


2. Stages of competition

Competition has two stages

A. First stage. SP technical meeting Burzenin 2017 

Competitor have to provide

  • Working model/prototype
  • prototype documentation
  • billing/price list of components used
  • license statement.

Committee will judge and choose projects to qualify for the next stage. All of the projects and documentation will be published on the Radioreaktywacja website under the license mentioned on 1. B.

B. Second stage. ŁOŚ 2018 meeting. 

Competitor have to provide

  • Ready and complete working transceiver
  • compete documentation (technical and production)
  • users manual.

Committee is choosing the winner who will receive the main award

3. Awards

A. Awards at the first stage

All competitors will receive diploma for attending the competition. Each participant or designing team who qualify for the second stage will receive cash award of at least 300PLN founded by sponsor.

B. Awards at the second stage

Main cash award of 3000 PLN will be given to the winning competitor or designing team. In case of lack of funds, committee will give all the funds taken from the public gathering for RADAR competition.

4. Deadlines

A. Hardware

Transceivers, documentation and statements have to be sent at least two weeks before events mentioned in 2. A. and B. to following address :

"ŻAGLE" Szkoła Podstawowa, Gimnazjum i Liceum Stowarzyszenia "Sternik"

ul. Pożaryskiego 28,
bud. 6a,
04-703 Warszawa 

with note „Konkurs RADAR”


B. Documentation

Documentation have to be sent to the committee in the electronic form


5. Competition committee

Judgement and qualification part for the second stage as well as main winner selection will be preformed by following committee :

  • Tomasz Ciepielowski, SP5CCC - chairman
  • Andrzej Janeczek, SP5AHT
  • Roman Stachowiak, SP1G
  • Jerzy Wróbel, SQ5NPW

Committee attendants cannot (and will not) take part in the competition

6. Projects judgement

Judgement will be based on the following criteria :

  • Functionality.
  • Technical parameters
  • Quality and completeness of documentation
  • Safety of used circuits
  • Ease of built and construction simplicity 

7. Scoring

Each project can gain up to 170 points maximum

  • 0 up to 40 - costs
  • 0 up to 30 – optional and additional functionality
  • 0 up to 30 – technical parameters
  • 0 up to 30 – production readiness
  • 0 up to 20 – completeness and quality of documentation
  • 0 up to 20 – Safety of used solutions.

Exceeding of final costs will give negative points value. Minus 30 points for each 100PLN above  500PLN limit. Lack of compatibility with other competition and licensing requirements will cause disqualification.

8. Additional information

A. Funds gathering for main award

Funds for the main prize are voluntary collected by public gathering.

IBAN: PL11 1140 2004 0000 3002 7606 4978
Business Identifier Code  BIC SWIFT: BREXPLPWMBK


B. How to support ?

Account given in 8. A. is created to gather funds for two events. Radio reaktywacja contest 2017 and RADAR competition. On each money transfer you have to put following information :

Your callsign, RR 2016, RADAR 50% / 50%

It means if you transfer 100PLN your donation will be split in half so you will donate 50PLN to Radio reaktywacja contest 2016 and 50PLN to RADAR competition. If you want to stay anonymous please add this information in comments on your bank transfer. (e.g. ann)  Actual information about amount of funds already collected will be given on our website. 


We highly appreciate all donations !

9. Licence

Devices, software and documentation which qualifies for the second stage of competition have to be covered by CC BY-SA RR licence

  • CC - Creative Commons
  • BY – Copyright recognition. Track have to by marked appropriately. Link to the licence have to be given and you have to indicate if you make any changes in it. You can do it in any reasonable way if it not suggest that licensor is giving you support or the way that you use the track.
  • SA – On the same conditions. Doing remix of the track, changing it or making a new track based on it you have to share your track on the same conditions as an original track.
  • RR – Means obligation to put Radioreaktywacja logo on all documentations and  product.

Additionally whole used software is covered by GNU GPL licence which means :

  • Freedom to run the program for any purpose.
  • Freedom to analyse how software works and adjusting it to your own specific needs.
  • Freedom to share unmodified copy of the software.
  • Freedom to improve the software and public share of your own improvements so the whole community can use.


Wacław Laskowski, SP5JPB (SK)

Radar competition is devoted to memory of our colleague Wacław Laskowski SP5PB, great ham and constructor who stood above others with unusual heartiness. Wacław was always highly involved  in elemering and help to younger hams.

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